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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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protection for his life. History needed man as
its material, but has not recognized him as her

Nowhere is the decadence of our epoch better
expressed than in its falsity. Falsehood has
ceased to be recognized as such, and we seem
to be in the process of developing a new sort of
consciousness in which the differentiation between
truth and falsehood is lost. The world is living
in a period of agony which greatly resembles
that of the end of antiquity. But the present
situation is more hopeless, since at the close of
antiquity Christianity entered the world as a new,
young force, while now Christianity, in its human
age, is old and burdened with a long history in
which Christians have often sinned and betrayed
their ideal. And we shall see that the judgment
upon history is also a judgment upon Christianity
in history.

The youth of the whole world is seeking a
new order, a world-revolution is in progress.
But we do not feel the joy of the birth of new
life: shadows cover the world. A cycle of
cosmic catastrophes and collapses has begun*
But for Christians specially this consciousness
brings no despair, and it should not deter us
from realizing justice and serving the truth in
everyday life. We are witnessing a return to the
first sources, to the final depths. Christianity is